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Lesson 3: Conventions in Descriptive Writing Key Stage 4: English

'A Very Serious Episode'

This lesson asks what would you do? A writer is precise in their descriptions of fear and panic. The reader is made to feel the sense of urgency and decision making. There might be a distillation of emotions.

This lesson looks at the footage from one dramatic episode and asks pupils to re-create that sense of drama in their own writing.

Prepare to alarm!

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Purpose of study:

This lesson is designed to allow students to use all of the aspects of structure and description in the writing of one short episode of tension.

National Curriculum Aims / Attainment Targets Activity focus


  • Writing for impact: selecting, organising ideas and key points; creating emotional impact; using language creatively, imaginatively.
  • To create a Vignette of a serious episode from an imaginary polar expedition.