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Polar Family Memories

Why we remember

Julian Evans, the grandson of Commander Evans from the Terra Nova Expedition, knows exactly why the history of Polar expedition is so important. In this video, he tells us why: firsly, the tales of sheer courage cannot fail to inspire; but it is also important to remember how the intrepid explorers laid so many foundations for the modern scientific world, for example in the field of climate change investigation.

What is life really like on Antarctica?

Antarctica is a land of extremes that few can imagine. In this video, Julian Evans passionately describes the lengths to which the explorers went and the many dangers they faced – all this without modern clothing or technologies to protect them.

To not arrive first

Captain Scott is famous for his Polar exploits, but Julian Evans reveals here the true integrity of the man – prepared to sacrifice the glory of being first to arrive at the South Pole in order to concentrate on the scientific experiments he knew would be the real benefit to the world.