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Lesson 1: Creating an argument Key Stage 4: English

'A Story of such Bravery and such Courage'

What is life like on Antarctica? How do we communicate the vast expanse to an audience?

This is the time to focus on descriptive techniques; applying and transferring the language techniques of poetry and prose.

There is a long tradition of creating awe and wonder in the voice overs of the documentary genre. Pupils are able to use the breathtaking footage to become documentary makers in the classroom.

Forget inform and describe; prepare to transport!

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Purpose of study:

To allow students the use of the high quality images of the landscape and living conditions of Antarctica to act as a stimulus for descriptive writing.

National Curriculum Aims / Attainment Targets Activity focus


  • Producing clear and coherent text: writing effectively for different purposes and audiences: to describe, narrate; selecting vocabulary, grammar, form and structural and organisational features judiciously to reflect audience, purpose and context; using language imaginatively and creatively; using information provided by others to write in different forms.
  • Writing for impact: creating emotional impact, using language creatively, imaginatively.
  • Write descriptively, using images of landscape and people as a visual stimulus.