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Lesson 1: Creating an argument Key Stage 4: English

'A Story of such Bravery and such Courage'

Why did we explore? Why do we need to now?

This lesson looks at the decision to go on a polar expedition and what can be gained from embracing the spirit of adventure in a risk-averse world.

Pupils will need to synthesise the thoughts and motivations of the early explorers in order to create a convincing argument that will apply to the gatekeepers of adventure in the modern world.

Prepare to convince and inspire!

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Purpose of study:

This lesson provides the opportunity to work with writing in its different forms. Students should think carefully about the audience and purpose for their written work and plan and create a piece that shows a clear understanding of form.

National Curriculum Aims / Attainment Targets

English: Writing

  • Producing clear and coherent text: writing effectively for different purposes and audiences: to respond to information and argue…selecting vocabulary, grammar, form and structural and organisational features judiciously to reflect audience, purpose and context; using information provided by others to write in different forms; maintaining a consistent point of view; maintaining coherence and consistency across a text.
  • Writing for impact: selecting, organising and emphasising facts, ideas and key points; using language creatively, imaginatively and persuasively, including rhetorical devices (such as rhetorical questions, antithesis and parenthesis).