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The Polar Exploration resource was created by -

Project manager and creator

Bob Usher LGfL Content Manager


Heather Lane Keeper, The Polar Museum, SPRI

Additional curriculum development and editorial support

Mark Bentley LGfL Learning resource consultant

Website design

John Laker Atomwide


Edward Mackintosh Atomwide


Kim Brinkhurst Atomwide

Scott Polar Research Institute

Rosie Amos


Naomi Boneham


Naomi Chapman


Peter Clarkson


Bridget Cusack


Bryan Lintott


Graham Nunn


Willow Silvani


Sophie Weeks

Voice of R. Skelton's

The voice of James Day

Voice of R.F. Scott

Julian Evans Grandson of Commander Evans – Terra Nova expedition

Voice of E. Shackleton

The voice of Rod Usher

Voice of H. R. Bowers' Journal

The voice of Bob Usher

Voice of A. Stephenson

The voice of Peter Hodges

Curriculum Consultant and online activity creator

Belinda Evans

LGfL would also like to thank the following for their generous support in developing this resource


All staff of the SPRI

Use of the audio recording facilities

Lewis Bronze Discovery Education

Transcripts and clerical support for project

Debbie Aruliah