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Lesson 6: Compounding and Active Voice Key Stage 3: English

'Twin Otter Blizzard'

When is a blizzard not a blizzard? This lesson allows for some play with compound words and also re-telling a tale that was heard; a technique frequently used in autobiographical writing.

Pupils can be more creative in this piece as it involves Peter Clarkson recalling a piece of footage that he saw.

Prepare to be supersonic!

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Purpose of study:

This is the final lesson, looking at the very short incident of a 'manufactured blizzard'. As this will be the final chapter, the lesson might also include some editing ideas.

National Curriculum Aims / Attainment Targets Activity focus


  • Key Stage 3 Creative Writing and the grammatical terms in the Key Stage 3 programme of study – Compounding and Active Voice.
  • Writing using differing styles to suggest the relaying of an anecdote.