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Lesson 2: The Nansen cooker Key Stage 1 & 2: History, Computing

'Meet Peter Clarkson'

Who is Peter? Why can't he write his own autobiography? He's too busy being a Polar Scientist.

The LGfL footage provides an introduction to Peter Clarkson and allows the time to gain an additional insight into what he has achieved.

There is an opportunity here for some interesting questioning of each other and a good test for observational skills.

Prepare to get inside the mind of a Polar Scientist!

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Purpose of study:

Pupils are to be introduced to the idea of writing their own chapters. Teachers can decide whether to extend this to include illustrations ('Using illustrations to inspire' in Reading Zone Live is very useful for this: Reading Zone Live).

National Curriculum Aims / Attainment Targets Activity focus

English: Reading

  • 're-reading books encountered earlier to increase familiarity with them and provide a basis for making comparisons' English Programme of Study September 2013.
  • Meeting Peter Clarkson, questioning techniques.